Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hitting the High Road

I'm feeling better than I was last time I posted. More energized. More awake. More like there's a big bandwagon heading somewhere new, and I'm packing up my junk and getting on it.
We're reading the book Do Hard Things in small group.
Basically, two teen boys put Got at the center of their lives, and challenge the status quo that teens are good for texting and getting drunk. Things for Alex and Brett Harris explode after that. They get to do really hard things, and ecourage other teens to wake up.
I've been doing yoga lately, and it feels great. Before, I was tired and listless. Now I feel like I'm productive and up for something to happen. But, as we learn in the bible, I can't just wait for God to make me president of some big movement. It's up to me to Do Hard Things.
Obviously, I'm not a normal teen. I think too much for that. Ha. I made a funny. But seriously, I'm living my life for the glory of God. According to the book Almost Christian, 3/4 of American teens associate with a religion, and a good percentage of that go to church. But before I came to Christ's Church, I never knew what it meant to live for God. To let go of everything, physically and mentally, and take up a cross.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do for God, but I think I'd make a good speaker, or even a youth minister. Maybe it's cause I like to talk, but I've been told I'm good at public speaking. And how awesome would it be to go around and talk about God for your job? I'll have an agent to handle all the paperwork and scheduling, while I go pray with people, or talk to them about their lives.
I think I'm rambling, but that means I'm passionate about something, finally, which could lead to great things.
After all, as Brett and Alex show us, kids are a useful tool in God's kingdom.

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  1. Hey girlie...thinking about you this morning...let me know anytime you need to chat.

    Love ya!