Saturday, January 15, 2011

Considering the Ravens

I really wanna go to MACU. Mid-Atlantic Christian University. A small school with a great foundation in God. My mom is so very not okay with that. She doesn't want to work hard every day just to pay for 'a waste of time and money'. Today I asked for a hundred dollar deposit for my enrollment and she flipped. My mom hates the idea of me going to MACU.
I'm scared as to what this means for my future. Will I get enough scholarship money? Will I be in debt from student loans for the rest of my life? Why does this have to be a big game with her?
She'll pay for ECU, UNC, NC State, but not MACU.

The Bible tells us to consider the ravens, and how they're taken care of without them worrying. How none of us can add a day to our life by worrying.

I know God is in control, but I feel like I'm being swept around by powers that are chaotic and carrying me away.
So, I guess, for the next couple months, I'll be figuring out my college plans, and spending a lot of time considering the ravens.

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