Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mrs. Jill

I knew Mrs. Jill. Not as well as most people at Christ's Church, but long enough for her to touch my heart.

I saw her last week. She looked past all her pain and inconveniences and asked me about myself. She wanted to know about me. She encouraged me and told me I encouraged her.

I saw her today. In bed, being treated by her family with tenderness. They knew it was near the end, and they focused all their attention on giving her water, keeping her warm, etc. In her bedroom I saw what in meant to love someone "in sickness or in health". Unconditionally.

She touched many people, from what I can see. She was beloved. Jill seemed to radiate light and made you want to be around her.

Even though I can't hold her hand, or kiss her cheek anymore, the warmth and love she gave me will stay with me always. I'll think of Mrs. Jill and see her in heaven with Jesus, shining like the sun.

Goodbye Mrs. Jill. I love you.

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